Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Most Heavenly Soft Yarn

This is perhaps the softest yarn I've ever worked with. My LYS went out of business, the owner retired. I went before she closed and bought this lovely pink angora/merino blend. What a pleasure to knit with. I love making up my own patterns, only I don't put them on paper. I just get my needles clacking and see what I come up with, so I knit a cabled newborn soaker sack, with extra cushiness in the wet zone, and a small pair of shorties. These were my favorite projects to knit, the yarn is just so YUMMY!!! The shorties are the truer color.

My Fingers Have Been a Movin' and a Groovin'

I have been making these awesome little outfits...the top is knit out of cotton yarn with coordinating wool shorties. The first one went on a hc auction, but I changed the top pattern a bit. Krista is modeling her outfit, and funny that my little lady, who loves to prance around in the way she came into the world, will not take this outfit off :) In any case, here are some pics.